Senior Care Communication and Collaboration

Where Care Teams and Families Connect

Communication at the heart of EVERYTHING. 

Secure group messaging helps families breathe easier and increases staff productivity.

Serenity Engage is a HIPAA-compliant messaging app for senior care. We bring care providers, and family together on a single platform. 

When care teams and family work together, our seniors have less isolation and depression, and increased quality of life. 

And isn’t that the goal? Let’s enjoy our loved ones and appreciate the care teams who help. 

Kind Words

"Serenity Engage is a game changer. We saw a $53k return on investment in the first 6-months! More importantly, it gives our team more time to care for those we serve."
Jenna Girton
Jenna Girton
President, Dignity Hospice
Stay Connected Anywhere
HIPAA Compliant Communication App

Engage All Stakeholders

Collaboration requires communication between everyone involved in the senior’s care. That often includes staff, key family members, doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, caregivers, and others.

 At Serenity, we bring collaboration to a single platform that is fully secure and HIPAA-compliant. Better stakeholder engagement reduces isolation and depression – a main goal of the Serenity team.

Strengthen Family & Care Team Relationships

Families need to know they selected the right community for their parent. The quality of their parents’ lives depend on it. Facilities strive to be the best of the best. Providing insights, information and collaboration is crucial to developing and growing trust, which is key to this relationship.

Strengthen family relationships
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All In A Secure, Intuitive App

Designed for millennials to baby boomers, Serenity is crafted to be intuitive and operates like modern apps we all use every day. This makes on-boarding a snap! 

Built from the ground up with security and data privacy at the forefront, Serenity truly gives families and communities peace of mind.

Modern & Flexible

Collaboration and communication shouldn't be hard. So we fixed it.


Build trust, rapport, and a true care partnership between care teams and family with mobile messaging.


Family quickly and easily see what activities and events are happening at the community.

Caregiver Kudos

Family is encouraged to share their appreciation with care staff as they go above and beyond.


Broadcast community announcements to families, including community news, education, and events.


Provide real-time feedback with surveys that help facilities improve and manage Net Promoter Scores.


Keep everyone on the same page with a single post, eliminating wasted time and unnecessary confusion.

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