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Life, Legacy and Longevity
- Expert Series -

"I'd like to see more people become ambassadors for being okay with hard, sometimes taboo, conversations. Be someone who can really hear someone else's tough stuff and be okay with it."
Jamie Sarche
Jamie Sarch
Director of Pre-Planning, Feldman Mortuary

Join these three powerful conversations to get informed, get your questions answered, and hear others share their stories and experience.  Sign up for the upcoming two episodes, and watch the recording of the first episode below.

Episode One - Life, with Jamie Sarche

Our CEO, Katherine Wells, was delighted to host the first episode in this series by three dynamic, brilliant, and caring women who are out to change the way we think about aging.

Watch or listen to episode one to learn about:

In this episode, Jamie Sarche has a deep, meaningful conversation about:

  • How worry disconnects us from our instincts
  • Why grieving is a gift – What to say (and not say) when someone is grieving
  • And why we should not shy away from the word ‘death’
Jamie Sarche

Jamie Sarche has been tackling taboos for years. She has a TED Talk, is a national speaker, is the Director of Pre-Planning with Feldman Mortuary, and is an amazing human being.