The Holidays with Serenity Engage

Don't miss out on moments and memories with your loved one in senior living.

Let us help you get messages like the one below in 2 simple steps:

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  2. Forward the email we send you to your loved one’s community.

We’ll take it from there.

Start to connect with your loved one’s care team to share in the joy of the holidays. And don’t forget to share your appreciation for all they do!

Blowing kisses

Photo courtesy of Nancy Dorr and Applewood Our House.

Help us get in touch with your loved one’s community.

We often hear families say they can’t ask the care staff to communicate more because they are already so busy.

The opposite is true. Our customers tell us that Serenity Engage SAVES them time. From 3 to 10 hours each week, as a matter of fact. That’s significant. 

Everyone benefits from connected care.

  • Our loved one’s experience more well-being
  • We have less anxiety
  • Caregivers have greater job satisfaction
  • Communities have improved productivity

Let’s get started today!

Better communication about your loved one can alleviate a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety. Developed by a ‘sandwich generation’ family member who struggled with the lack of knowing what was happening with her parents in senior living, Serenity Engage was developed to streamline communication and make it easier for staff and for families.