• Improve Family Survey Scores

    Better survey scores. Improved productivity. Happier families. Increased revenues.

Hospice family survey scores

Watch Your Scores Improve

Families depend on your during this difficult time. Now you can keep consistent communication and create better boundaries. Even if family isn't local, or if you have staff turnover. Your team will be more productive, and will never give out their personal phone number again. Find out how you can immediately increase family survey results, and your revenue!

Keep Families Connected

Whether family lives next door or across the globe, they now have insight into the extraordinary care your hospice care team is providing. Help them stay connected wherever they are, and they'll be your biggest fans.

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Collaborate With The Entire Care Team

When families know what's going on, they don't make up what might be happening. Now families know when the in-house doctor visits, whether there has been a behavior change, and what services are being provided. And they can collaborate with the whole care team to improve comfort care, and save time, frustration, and anxiety.

Modern & Flexible

Collaboration and communication shouldn't be hard. So we fixed it.


Secure messaging for family and care team communication.

Pinned Messages

Anyone can pin messages to quickly filter important content.

Caregiver Kudos

Family shares appreciation with care team who cares for mom or dad.

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Special Moments

Help family rest easy with photos of mom or dad as appropriate.


Share news, education and helpful articles with the family.

Team Communication

Communicate across organizations to ensure care team alignment.

What Our Customers Say

"Serenity has made us more productive, helped us build trust with families faster, and has been a great competitive advantage for us."
Courtney Wentworth
Courtney Wentworth
VP Operations, Dignity Hospice
"Serenity gives me insight across our memory care homes so I can ensure staff accountability, improved care, and happier families."
Francis LeGasse
Francis LeGasse
Owner/Operator, Assured Assisted Living
"I wish this app had been around years ago. It would have saved me so much time and frustration, and avoided mistakes with mom's meds."
Kristin Chalfant testimonial
Kristin Chalfant
Family Caregiver & Realtor
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