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Fox31 News Denver Talks With Serenity Engage

FOX31 News Features Serenity Engage’s Impact on COVID-19 In Senior Care Fox31 News Denver recently talked with our founder and CEO, Katherine Wells, about Serenity Engage and how it’s helping senior living communities and families of those with loved one’s

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Why Communication Is Crucial With COVID-19

“Assured Assisted Living has been using Serenity for almost a year. It has been amazing however during this time frame it has been a critical piece of equipment. It enables our team to stay in contact with loved ones without

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Serenity CEO featured on Podcast

Just five years ago, I had a thriving career as a software executive. What I didn’t realize at the time was that, like many people in my age group, I was also a family caregiver. Somewhere in the previous eight

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